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LPGA Golf Clinic

LPGA Golf Clinic Program meets for 1.5 hours, for 5 consecutive weeks.


This class is specifically designed to increase and improve your skill and knowledge level.  We will teach and coach you to build upon your fundamentals, in addition give you the added confidence to be able to play on the course. The class utilizes V1 Golf Video Analysis & Track Man helps students see the progression of their swing. It will be fun and informative. We will make sure you have fun each step of the way.



  2022 Schedule   (Fees $      )


  DATE :


  Customized programs for groups of     3 or more.                              



Day 5:


Continue swing development and strategies for on course use. Clinic will be completed with techniques on how to practice on the range for the course.


- Playing on the course – Scramble Format

- Rules of golf

Day 1:


During this first lesson, we will focus on continuing to develop your fundamentals on the putting green to learn the how to putt and read greens. Distance and direction techniques and drills will be incorporated into the programs. Along with skills contests to acquire a feel for competition.


- Putting Techniques & Drills

Day 4:


On the fourth day, you'll learn everything you'll need to know about Drivers, fairways and hybrids, including identifying your club selection under different ground conditions. Full swing fundamentals-Driver, fairway woods and hybrids and continue to understand how to aim. Focus will be on continued development of your basic fundamentals.


- Full Swing Fundamentals– Iron / Woods

- Develop more Distance 

Day 3:


On day three, you'll be focused on improving and developing your full swing fundamentals. How to use your irons, in addition to important lessons like stretching and drills that will give you maximum distance.


- Full Swing Fundamentals – Irons

- Ball flight & Ball control

Day 2:


During the second lesson, you'll learn how to judge distance and learn how to aim while chipping, pitching and hitting out of green-side bunkers. Examine what is the difference between a pitch and a chip? How to improve your short game that will lower your score.


- Chipping, Pitching & Green-Side Bunker Play Techniques


Beginners with some swing experience, players that have completed GGR Level 1 or players that want a refresher course are welcome!

It will be fun and you will see results - we guarantee it. 

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